RVG Fitness

A Well-rounded Program for Well-rounded Results

RVG Fitness is an online gym serving customers who want to get in shape at home.  All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and a small clear space.

We offer virtual group workout classes, and On-Demand Video access to our library of recorded workouts.  Our goal is to help you achieve the healthy physique that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. We offer dedicated, professional, and friendly trainers that can support your every need.

To learn more about how you can join today we invite you to contact us. We look forward to helping you start your fitness journey.



  • Unlimited Virtual Classes.
  • On Demand Video Access.
  • House Hold Membership.
  • No Commitment.


10 Class Pass


  • 10 Classes from our schedule 
  • On Demand Video Access
  • House Hold Membership


Drop in


  • Single Class
  • On Demand Video Access
  • House Hold Membership



Big Hiit

Big Hiit focuses on high intensity exercises and controlled strength building movements. NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. Body weight fitness is effective, safe and challenging.


Kettlebell Blast

Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and get ready to sweat.  Kettlebell training develops strength, power, cardiovascular endurance and mobility.  We focus on correct technique that will keep you safe and get you results.

The Yoga workout

STRENGTH, BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY.  A low impact workout that challenges and energizes the entire body.  Move through yoga inspired sequences that rival any workout.

Barre Bell FLow

Dance, Kettlebell and Yoga come together.  You’ll need a chair and a kettlebell (or dumbbell)  Hips and glutes quads and hamstrings are tested during this multi-discipline workout.


Breath, relax and stretch. Yoga brings the entire body into focus.  Balance, core strength and flexibility. Learn how to move and protect your joints from injury






How do I book classes?

Login to the WellnessLiving Achieve app or at rvgfitness.com/memebers with your username and password

Go to the class schedule and book your classes.


How do I join virtual classes?

Go to ‘My Schedule” to click on “Join” . Alternatively, there is a direct link in the emailed booking notification.


What if I am late for a virtual class?

If the class has already started, the “Join” button on the schedule is disabled. Two emails are sent after booking a class, the first is when you book and the second is a reminder prior the start of class. Both these email contains the link to join the class- use one of those links to join the class.


What if I don’t show up?

If you know you aren’t coming to class, we appreciate it you cancel your booking. We also know that life happens and we do not charge any penalty fees. However, if you are on a class pass and you have not cancelled, it does count as one of your classes.


I didn’t receive an email with a link!

Please ensure that you have email notifications turned on on your profile to receive the email.


I’m from an AFFILIATED gym

RVG Fitness is partnered with some gyms and studios. When you are registering yourself with RVG, just be sure to note on the form the gym you are from. You can also send us a message on Instagram or email. We will confirm your membership status with your home gym and your membership will be approved and you will be good to book classes.


How do I replay classes I missed?

Replaying classes and access to our online library is reserved for RVG Members (sorry!). To access the library you must have an approved login to enter the video section of our website, which is sent to you via email shortly after purchasing your membership. Send us a message on Instagram or email us at RVGonlinefit@gmail.com if you need help.


How do I cancel my membership and do I get a refund?

Our membership is no commitment. Just send us your cancellation request in writing (email is fine). We don’t offer refunds. You can cancel at any time and your membership will continue to work until the end of your current membership period.